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    Attendance Policies

    If your student is absent, parent notes must be made in writing (via email, or fax) within five days of the absence. Doctor’s notes must be submitted via email, fax, or delivered to the Attendance Office. Doctor’s notes are required within ten school days following the absence in order to be excused.


    Please submit your excuse note(s) via email or drop off in person.


    *Please note: We are unable to excuse an absence based on a phone call.






    Doctor excuse notes and early dismissals may not be submitted via Skyward.

    1. The original doctor’s note for any kind of medical appointment must be submitted to the Attendance Office. Please submit legible notes.
    2. Documentation from a court of law or other government entity that a student is required to be present.


    All parent or guardian notes must include the following information:

    1. Date(s) of absence
    2. Student school ID #
    3. Reason for the absence
    4. Signature of parent or guardian
    5. Phone number in Skyward for verification


    Student Early Dismissal Procedures

    Utilize the QR code located at the top of the page. To ensure a smooth dismissal process, submit requests to the Attendance Office the school day prior to the absence. Requests will not be accepted less than two hours prior to the time the student needs to leave campus. This allows adequate time to locate your student in the building.


    Other Important Information

    • Early dismissals will not be permitted after 3:30 PM.
    • Early dismissal requests may not be submitted via Skyward.
    • In the event that your student arrives at school late, they must sign in at the Attendance Office.
    • Students must sign out before leaving campus through the Attendance Office and sign in upon their return if the student returns the same day.
    • All COVID-19 cases must be reported to the campus nurse in order to be excused. Reporting should be made within the quarantine period.





    • All of Rockwall ISD campuses are considered closed campuses and students are not permitted to leave campus during lunch without a parent or guardian present. RHS does not permit outside food or drink.
    • If your student is in Athletics for their last period of the day, it is imperative to submit this request two hours prior as students in Athletics are often outside.
    • If your student leaves early for any reason, a note is required to excuse their absence. This includes when checked out by their parent or guardian via the Google form associated with the QR code.


    Attendance Policy

    The Texas Compulsory School Attendance Law requires that a student between the

    ages of 6 and 18 must attend school each day for the entire period that the school's program of instruction is provided. School employees must investigate, report, and if necessary, prosecute violations of the state compulsory attendance law.

    According to the Texas Education Code 21.041, students must be in attendance 90% of the instructional days each semester to receive credit for any class. A student who attends fewer than 90% of the days the class is offered cannot receive credit for the class unless the attendance committee finds that the absences are the result of extenuating circumstances or allow the student to make up the time to restore credit. For questions about the RISD Attendance policy, you may find additional information in the student handbook.



    Early Dismissal Request