• Students will be introduced to the German language through a variety of resources, including state-adopted textbook, technology and authentic written and audio resources.  Students will develop their communicative skills at all levels of the program.  Students will also become familiar with the German culture through videos, music and other authentic materials.  It is hoped that by developing reading, writing, speaking and comprehension skills, students will gain an appreciation for German culture,  which will open up doors of inquiry into other cultures and help the students to an international mindedness.


    GERMAN I – teaches the four basic skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Student awareness and appreciation of a new culture are developed. Songs, folklore, newspapers and other media resources will be utilized throughout the year along with the textbook.


    GERMAN II – expands the four areas of language study begun in Level I: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Greater emphasis is placed on oral and written communication skills at this level.


    PRE-AP GERMAN II – teaches material covered in German II with an added emphasis on strategies that prepare students for Pre-AP German III, based on College Board strategies. Students are required to become more proficient in oral skills as the class is conducted mainly in German.


    GERMAN III – is a continuation of German II. This course furthers the development of the four language skills already acquired by the students: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, a greater emphasis is placed on cultural information. German is spoken in class during instruction and the students speak, write and think in the target language.


    PRE-AP GERMAN III – consists of the study of grammar and language with emphasis on the study of German literature and poetry. Students are expected to compose original works in German. They practice skills and strategies including knowledge of appropriate register and colloquial differences in the target language to prepare for the Advanced Placement test.


    AP GERMAN IV (LANGUAGE) – allows students to practice skills necessary to succeed on the advanced placement exam. The four primary skills of speaking, writing, comprehension and reading as well as the knowledge of appropriate register and colloquial differences in the target language are stressed. Students are required to take the Advanced Placement exam.