Student Council

  • STUDENT COUNCIL provides opportunities to study, practice and develop group and individual leadership and organizational skills.  These skills include decision-making skills, problem-solving techniques, communication skills, leadership roles, human relation skills and understanding the need for civic responsibility.


    What does Student Council do?

    • Open House
    • Parent Information Meetings
    • Meet the Jackets
    • Teacher/Staff Appreciation
    • Various projects from the administrators
    • Freshmen and New Student Orientations
    • Painting Signs
    • Homecoming Activities (theme days, parade, dance)
    • Spirit Week
    • Community Service Projects
    • Annual RHS Toy Drive
    • Student Council District and State Conventions


    All Student Council members are encouraged to attend meetings, complete committee requirements, and participate in all required activities.  Outside of Student Council, all members must maintain proper grades and conduct – failure do so may result in dismissal from Student Council.  Being a Student Council member is a very high honor.  People look up to you, so it is important to be on your very best behavior at all times.  Participation in RHS Student Council is governed by the UIL academic participation guidelines in order to participate in activities (NO PASS NO PLAY).