2023-2024 Athletic, School-Related Media, and Scout Information

  • Requests for Press Box Access

    All media requests will be scrutinized and very limited due to press box availability. 

    Credential Requests

    Credential requests may be accepted for writers, photographers, and videographers of professional media publications (newspapers, television stations, and/or websites).

    Media Credential Qualifications

    1. To qualify as a media outlet for football credentials, the media outlet must show it has provided content from Rockwall ISD games in the past that is not based solely in social media (Twitter, YouTube, etc.), is not part of a recruiting site, does not provide content related to recruiting athletes such as game highlights or photography/video productions for individual players. A media entity that has not covered Rockwall ISD events in the past must show that it has original-created and regularly updated articles and content from events that are not based solely in social media.
    1. Recruiting-related organizations will be denied sideline access. Organizations may show created content related to high school athletics and events only and may include general recruiting-focused lists. Athletic updates, team rankings, and athletic reports may be considered for credentialing. Recruiting organizations will be offered a free seat in the stands.
    1. Credential requests shall be considered on an individual basis. The following internet sites will not be granted credentials:
        1.  Personal page internet site publishers;
        2.  Sites that do not produce original content on a routine daily basis;
        3.  Any other internet site deemed in poor taste or not in compliance with the mission of Rockwall ISD. 
    1. Each media outlet representative may request credentials by filling out the form below.
    2. All individuals must have a background check to gain access to the field. Media credentials may suffice with approval from the athletic office if you work for a professional media publication (newspaper, television station, etc.) that completes background checks. It is required that you have your company ID or credential with you to satisfy the background credential for field access.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    If you do not have a media credential from a professional media organization, you are required to complete the information below so Rockwall ISD can do a background check. We will run individual background checks prior to game day so that your credential will be available for pick up at our credential table. No individual will be granted access to the field unless they have a background check credential (employee badge or sticker) and a wristband.

    Notification of Approval or Denial of Request

    Notification of approval or denial of request(s) will be provided via email prior to the requested game. 

    Notice of Firm Deadlines

    Each school or media person requesting access must complete this form on an individual basis by firm deadlines.

    1. Requests for Thursday Game Day: Request deadline is noon on Wednesday, the week of the Thursday game. 
    2. Requests for Friday Game Day: Request deadline is 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, the week of the Friday game. 


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