About Advanced Academics

  • Advanced Academics provides Rockwall ISD students the chance to earn college credit while still in high school.

    Mission Statement

    The Pre-Advanced Placement/Advanced Placement (Pre-AP/AP) program provides a distinct opportunity where students develop academic and critical thinking skills in a challenging learning environment becoming persistent, independent thinkers who are prepared for the next level, and increasing the likelihood of college success.

    Belief Statements

    • Students with the fortitude to endure high academic rigor can benefit from the Pre-AP/AP Program
    • Skill development for the Pre-AP/AP Program begins in the elementary grades
    • Pre-AP/AP students deserve the same support as struggling students because success is a process that might require struggle and perseverance
    • The primary focus of Pre-AP/AP courses is on learning skills and content
    • The role of the Pre-AP/AP student is to acquire the skills for success through a commitment to independent preparation and study
    • Full participation in the Pre-AP continuum within a particular discipline is the preferred path to AP success

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    For more information, contact your student's counselor or contact:

Dr. Matthew Redman



Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Matthew Redman

Advanced Academics/International Baccaureate/Secondary Social Studies Coordinator
972-771-0605 ext. 7040