Career and Technical Education - Mission and Goals

  • CTE Mission

    The mission of the Career & Technical Education Department (CTE) is to empower all students with global opportunities while providing lifelong learning with academic and technical preparedness to succeed in their chosen careers. CTE programs and course offerings provide unlimited educational opportunities for all students to acquire the necessary skills needed for entry into a global workforce and/or continuing their education at the post-secondary level.

    CTE Program Goals

    • To provide each eighth grade student the opportunity to identify career interests that are related to a career cluster, to develop an educational plan, and to select a logical sequence of courses.
    • To offer each student career learning experiences prior to graduation from high school.
    • To provide each student upon graduation with academic and technical skills needed to pursue additional education (technical school, community college, college or university) related to a career interest identified in high school.
    • To provide each student with understanding and knowledge that ethical behavior and work place skills are integral to successful employment.
    • To incorporate new and emerging foundation skills needed to perform tasks proficiently at current business and industry standards.

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