Call to Action

  • Rockwall ISD empowers learners to embody independence, value relationships and achieve excellence as thriving members of a dynamic global community.

Our Beliefs

    • We believe that collaborative relationships create a culture where learners thrive.
    • We believe that an effective learning environment is collaborative, safe, challenging and responsive to the diverse needs of all students.
    • We believe that learning is a partnership that engages all members of our community to empower empathetic and responsible citizens for success beyond themselves.
    • We believe that all learners deserve to be challenged in preparation for lifelong learning and future success.

Our Learner Outcomes

    • All students will be college and/or career ready.
    • All students will demonstrate resilience to navigate adversity and educational challenges.
    • All students will think critically to problem solve independently.
    • All students will possess strong ethical, emotional and social intelligence.
    • All students will apply creativity and innovation in a variety of learning opportunities.
    • All students will create and engage in a personalized learning plan.
    • All students will demonstrate the use of soft skills to effectively collaborate and communicate.
    • All students will utilize a variety of media resources to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum.
    • All students will experience the fulfillment of community service.

Our Learner Profile

    • Empathetic
    • Resilient
    • Contributor
    • Engaged
    • Collaborative
    • Problem Solver
    • Responsible
    • Communicator
    • Creative

Our Goals

  • Academics: We will provide authentic and innovative learning experiences for every learner.

    Safety: We will ensure a safe and civil environment that is responsive to the needs of our diverse community.   

    Staff: We will attract, recruit, develop and retain high-quality professional staff.   

    Finance: We will ensure continued fiscal efficiency and partner with the community and stakeholders to address accelerating growth.

    Communications: We will partner with our community to enhance the learner experience.

    Adopted May 2023



Our Core Values

  • Relationships. Innovation. Excellence.