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SAGE Sixth Graders Explore Careers in “Pathways to Success” Field Trip

Students listening to speakerSixth grade gifted and talented SAGE students had the opportunity to learn about different professions during a Pathways to Success field trip.

The students heard from various professionals including a film maker, veterinarian, military specialist, NASA mechanical engineer, inventor and Dr. Gene Burton College and Career Academy award-winning fashion design teacher Renee Aube.

The goal was to expose the students to a multitude of career options available to them and to highlight the skills and dedication required for success in each field.

Amy Parks-Heath Elementary student Ella G. is interested in becoming an inventor. She said a highlight of her day was hearing from Moses West who invented the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG), which provides access to clean water to areas in need.

“It took him a long time and it was hard work but even though it was hard to build [the AWG] he just kept going,” said Ella. “I love making things, so Mr. West was very inspirational.”

Amy Parks-Heath Elementary student Tripp A. said he’s always loved the idea of running a company and felt encouraged after hearing from military specialist Vance Clarke who was in the Air Force.

“The Air Force member explained that ‘fail’ is an acronym for First Attempt in Learning,” said Tripp. “If you haven’t failed, you haven’t learned much.”

Ella and Tripp said what they took away from the “Pathways to Success” speakers the most is that there are many jobs that can change the world, and each job is important.

Student raising handFashion Design Teacher Renee Aube with SAGE Students