• Why must my child be on the bus so long?
    If the bus is operating as scheduled and driving conditions are favorable, then your student will arrive safe and on time, however, if anything interrupts the normal schedule, students may be late arriving to their designation.  Interruptions may occur from weather, traffic conditions, unscheduled student disruptions, mechanical failures or other safety precautions.  Our goal is for no student to be on the bus for more than one hour each way.  Updated bus flow will be communicated through the District's Sky-alert telecommunications system.

    Whom do I call when I have questions or concerns?
    If you have questions or concerns about transportation services for your child, please call the Transportation Department at 972-771-1948.  Additionally, our website has general information and forms to assist you in certain transportation needs.

    How are bus stop locations determined?
    Bus stops are located in a manner that is convenient for a consistent walking distance for majority of the students located at a particular bus stop.  Bus stops may be re-located due to student safety concerns, traffic matters, or the ability for a bus to service the stop.   Placing a bus stop in front of a student’s house is not considered unless the student is a pre- kindergarten or kindergarten student.

    The bus goes right past my house.  Why can’t the bus stop at my house while on the way?
    The higher frequency of stops increases the safety risk for students and driver.  Bus stops are developed based on a balance between all students requiring service.  Each stop results in additional students are on a bus ride and increase impatience with other drivers.  If exceptions were made to one, then consideration must be made to all.  This would certainly become inefficient and eventually risk losing state funds.

    What if my child needs to be dropped off at a different stop?
    It is a student safety concern when asked to make special & inconsistent bus stop locations.  To avoid problems and provide a higher level of safety and security for your child, your request for a student to be dropped at a different stop will be denied by the driver.  Additionally, a campus will not be able to accept your written request asking your student ride on another bus route even if it is temporary.  

Bus Facility Locations

  • Clark Street Location
    707 South Clark Street
    Rockwall, TX 75087

    Sids Road Location
    981 Sids Road
    Rockwall, TX 75032

Transportation Department: 972-771-1948

  • A line of buses at the transportation department.

School bus lights