Academic Dishonesty

  • What is cheating/lying?

    Cheating/lying is when a person misleads, deceives, or acts dishonestly on purpose. Cheating is so tempting, because it makes difficult things seem easy. Lying and cheating, for the most part, are a normal part of child development.

    Interventions for Lying/Cheating:

    • Speak in calm and neutral tone
    • Avoid poser struggles
    • Talk openly
    • Give logical consequences (Love and Logic techniques/Refer to websites below)
    • Model Truthfulness
    • Teach Social Skills (Act out or role play with child)
    • Make sure lying is not rewarding for child
    • Look for reasons behind the cheating/lying


  • Resources:

    Franklin Fibs by Paulette Bourgeois

    Finders Keepers for Franklin by Brenda Clark

    Berenstein Bears and the Truth by Stan & Jan Berenstain

    Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher by Juanita Havill

    Children’s Book about Cheating/Help Me Be Good by Joy Berry


    RISD Resources:

    Positive Parenting/Parent Education Seminar

    Character Guidance Lessons/Kids for Character  Program (Josephson Institute)

    Chick Fil-A Character Education Program