Sexual Harassment and Disrespect

  • What is Sexual Harassment/Disrespect?

    Sexual harassment in schools is unwanted and unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that interferes with the right to receive an equal educational opportunity. It is a form of sex discrimination that is prohibited by Title IX, a Federal law establishing civil rights in education that addresses issues of sex discrimination and, by judicial precedent, sexual harassment.

    Harassment can be further defined as:

    • Conduct that meets the definition established in district policies DIA (Local) and FFH (Local) or;
    • Conduct that threatens to cause harm or bodily injury to another student, is sexually intimidating, causes physical damage to the property of another student, subjects another student to physical confinement or restraint, or maliciously and substantially harms another student’s physical or emotional health or safety.

    Sexually harassing behaviors may include:

    • Verbal, nonverbal and physical behavior.
    • Unwanted and unwelcome lewd jokes, gender-based slurs, and sexual contact.
    • Behavior that creates a sexually hostile learning or working environment.
    • Can occur between people of the same sex.
    • The victim of sexual harassment does not have to be the person directly harassed but could be anyone affected by the offensive conduct.

    During the month of March, campuses highlight this topic with information to staff, students and parents.  Check out our implementation guide for prevention ideas.