Language Testing

  • School districts in Texas are required by state law to assess the English language proficiency of all students whose original Texas Home Language Survey indicates that the home and/or student language is a language other than English.

    1. What language is used in the student's home most of the time?
    2. What language does the student use most of the time?

    If either of the responses indicates the use of a language other than English, then the school district must conduct an assessment to determine how well the child communicates in English.  This assessment information will be used to determine if Bilingual and/or English as a Second Language program services are appropriate and to inform instructional and program placement recommendations.  Once the child is assessed, changes to the Home Language Survey responses are not permissible.

    *If you are registering a new student and the Home Language Survey indicates the need for language testing, you will be contacted by the Parent Center to schedule an assessment date.


    The Process for Serving English Learners